Field of Auction
"The Moscow Conceptual School in Context" (with catalog)
Round Table with Lecture. Calvert 22, London, UK
July/29/2011 - August/28/2011

MACBA. Museu D'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Spain
"Museum of Parallel Narratives. In the Framework of L'Internationale"
Barcelona, Spain. May 14-October 2, 2024
Round Table with Lecture/Slide-Performance "Collaboration in Art"

Princeton University, Institute for International and Regional Studies, USA
Lecture/Slide-Performance "WORD AND IMAGE"
Interdiciplinary Conference SOTS-SPEAK
Princeton University, USA. May 20-22, 2024

Borowsky Gallery, The Gershman Y
Vitaly Komar: The Three-Day Weekend
Philadelphia, PA USA 2024-2009

Ronald Feldman Gallery
New Symbolism
New York, NY USA 2024-2010

Louvre Museum
Contrepoint Russe (with catalog)
Paris, France 2024

Sandman Gallery
History of the USSR
Berlin, Germany 2024

Schirn Kunsthalle
The Making of Art (with catalog)
Frankfurt, Germany 2024

Haunch of Venison Gallery
Glasnost (with catalog)
London, UK 2024

New Museum
St. Petersburg, Russia 2024

"Ecaterina" Cultural Foundation
Field of Action (with catalog)
Moscow, Russia 2024

House of Culture, VDNH
Unbearable Freedom of Creativity (with catalog)
Moscow, Russia 2024

Christie's NYC
Hermitage Museum Foundation Celebrating Lifetime Artistic Achievements of James Rosenquist and Vitaly Komar
New York, NY Nov 2024

Selected Publications:

A Decade of Collecting: art diary 2024. pp. 30, 158. Vitaly Komar and David Glasser
Ben Uri, The London Jewish Museum of Art
London, UK. 2024-2010

Death Poems
Published by German Titov's Library of Moscow Conceptualism (in Russian)
Vologda, Russia 2024
ISBN: 978-5-91967-042-1

Hermitage Museum Foundation
Newsletter, Feb. 2024, Vol. 2
HMF Presents Inaugural Awards to Contemporary Artists, James Rosenquist and Vitaly Komar by Chauncie Rodzianko Event - One-Evening Dinner and Show of Vitaly Komar and James Rosenquist on Sunday Nov. 6 at Christie's in New York

Styles, Schools and Movements: the essential encyclopedic guide to modern art. by Amy Dempsey. pp. 169-170
pub. Thames & Hudson Ltd. London 2024
ISBN: 978-0-500-28844-3

"Made in Russia. Unsung Icons of Soviet Design." Edited by Michael Idov.
"Hammer and Sickle" by Vitaly Komar
Rizzoli International Publications,Inc. 2024
ISBN-13: 978-0-8478-3605-5

"Another Freedom. The Alternative History of an Idea" by Svetlana Boym
Conclusion, pp.285-294
The University of Chicago Press, LTD., London
ISBN-10; 0-226-06973-7