Fundacion Juan March
Total Enlightenment: Conceptualism in Moscow (with catalog)
Madrid, Spain 2024-2009

Neue Geselschaft Fur Bildende Kunst
Becoming-Animal, Becoming-Human (with catalog)
Berlin, Germany 2024

Borowsky Gallery, The Gershman Y
Vitaly Komar: The Three-Day Weekend
Philadelphia, PA USA 2024-2009

Ronald Feldman Gallery
New Symbolism
New York, NY USA 2024-2010

Louvre Museum
Contrepoint Russe (with catalog)
Paris, France 2024

Sandman Gallery
History of the USSR
Berlin, Germany 2024

Schirn Kunsthalle
The Making of Art (with catalog)
Frankfurt, Germany 2024

Haunch of Venison Gallery
Glasnost (with catalog)
London, UK 2024

New Museum
St. Petersburg, Russia 2024

"Ecaterina" Cultural Foundation
Field of Action (with catalog)
Moscow, Russia 2024

House of Culture, VDNH
Unbearable Freedom of Creativity (with catalog)
Moscow, Russia 2024

Christie's NYC
Hermitage Museum Foundation Celebrating Lifetime Artistic Achievements of James Rosenquist and Vitaly Komar
New York, NY Nov 2024

Lecture Slide Presentation:

April 19, 2024
Pissarro Gallery
London, UK

April 20, 2024
Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House
London, UK

December 3, 2024
Texas A&M; University, College of Architecture
College Station, TX USA

Selected Publications:

"Fremde Rede - Eigene Rede" by Ute Tischer & Alexandra Binternagel
Published by Peter Lang Ginbh, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften
Frankfurt am Main, Germany 2024
ISBN: 978-3-631-60257-7

The New York Times, Dec. 4, 2024
"Yes Amid The Boutiques, Soho is Still Avant-Garde" by Karen Rosenberg

Die Spur des Sputnik: Kulturhistorische Expeditionen in Kosmische Zeitalter by Igor J. Polianski & Mattias Schwartz
Published by Campus Verlag, Frankfurt/New York 2024
ISBN: 978-3-593-39042-0

Aslan Chehoev's New Museum by Alexander Borovsky and Ekaterina Bobrinskaya
ISBN: 978-5-9902194-1-0

Oct. 2024
"Seven Miracles" by Andrey Kovalev pp. 86-93

Jan 8-14, 2024
V Novom Svete by Maya Pritsker
"Enigmas and Symbols" (in Russian)

Contrepoint Russe
Beaux Art Editions, Louvre Editions
"L'Art Contemporain Russe, De L'Icone a L'Avant-Garde en Passant Par Le Muse" by Marie-Laure Bernadac commissaire de l'exposition.
Preface by Henri Loyrette, President-directeur due musee du Louvre
published in Paris, France

A Hedonist's Guide to Art edited by Laura K. Jones
"The Three Day Weekend - A Russian Emigre in New York" pp. 98-100
pub. Filner Ltd in the UK, 2024
ISBN: 978-1-905428-50-2

Feb. 2024
Art News
"Vitaly Komar, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts,"
reviews by Robert Ayers

Nov. 15, 2024
New Yorker
"Black Hole" by Rebecca Mead

The Studio X NY Guide to Liberating New Forms of Conversation edited by Gavin Browning
"Vitaly Komar Post-Art Soviet Contamination" pp. 90-93
Published by GSAPP Books Columbia University, New York 2024
ISBN: 1-883584-65-5

Jun. 2024
Art Das Kunst Magazin
"Pop Ist Uberall" pp. 60-61

Aug. 12, 2024
"The Rise of the Emerging Art Economy" by Rachel Wolff

Sep., 2024
"Vitaly Komar" pp. 27, 172

Jun. 2, 2024
The Art Newspaper 214
"Soviet Union Forbidden Art"
Unveiled by John Varoli

Jun. 2, 2024
The Art Newspaper 214
"Soviet Union Forbidden Art"
Unveiled by John Varoli

Voice of America has released video report about my show.
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