Artists author first book, Poems About Death, in connection with exhibition at NGBK, West Berlin, curated by Barbara Straka and Frank Wagner. Book published in German, Spanish, and English. 12 years later, book finally published in Moscow in the original language. See Stalin von innen, Jurgen Hohmeyer, Der Spiegel, No. 34, 22 August 1988 (pp. 166-167).

Menmosyne... curated by Peter Weiermair, Shloss Herrnsheim, Germany (catalog published).

The Yalta Conference, a mural project for the United Nations building, is approved and financed by City Art Inc., New York, but banned by the community board.


Justice (from Poems about Death Series) 1987-88, 4 panels, oil and tempera on canvas and wood, 24”x96”