K&M participate in The Biennale of Sydney, Australia.

May Day installation and performance at the Palladium, New York's largest discotheque inspires the design of numerous discotheques, restaurants, parties, t-shirts, etc. in the style of K&M’s Sots Art. See photo of event in:

A Day in the Life of America: Photographed by 200 of the World’s Leading Photojournalists on One Day, May 2, 1986, Rick Smolan, ed., (New York and London: Collins Publishers, 1986), pp. 242-243.

By invitation of the Hague Gemente Museum, K&M create their first work of public art: an installation with bronze Bust of Stalin and Herring, inside of a public phone/safety booth, erected in the red light district (the Hague, the Netherlands).

Ian Frazier writes Profile of K&M in the New Yorker, December 29.