Magic Weapon (Terroristic-Art series), summoning of natural force to cause catastrophes. For example, telegram to Ayatollah Khamenei claiming artists’ responsibility for the recent earthquake in Iran.

During Archeological Excavations in Crete, a skeleton of a minotaur is discovered along with mysterious examples of early genetic engineering--skeletons and bones of ideal geometric forms (the perfect solids of Plato: Homo Cube, Homo Pyramid, etc.). First K&M work obtained by museum. Later, installation included in Sculpture of the Modern Era—Fifty Years of Collecting; An Anniversary Collection, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York, 1987. See catalog by Thomas M. Messer (pp. 140-141). Later, K&M returned to images of mythological monsters: Portraits by Orders; Ancestral Portraits series (1980); Mythological Creatures series (1986-1987).

K&M's first museum exhibition—Komar & Melamid, Matrix 43, Hartford Athenaeum, Hartford, Connecticut.

Jack Burnham authors first book about K&M: Komar/Melamid: Two Soviet Dissident Artists, edited by Melvin Nathanson, Southern Illinois University Press.

K&M arrive in New York