Temple (see below) erected in Jerusalem, where Russian suitcase Komar brought from Moscow is sacrificed. Hebrew Bible with new section for exodus from Russia is published.

Tranda, a dog (see below), is taught to draw in artists' first collaboration with animals. Later, in the 1990s, K&M teach a chimpanzee named Mikki to take photographs with a Polaroid camera, establish an Elephant Art Academy in Thailand, and propose architectural projects for dams to be built in collaboration with beavers and for towers to be built in collaboration with termites.

K&M, Temple, Exodus from Russia, Performance on Mount Zion, Jerusalem, 1978.


K&M are teaching Tranda, a dog, to draw, 1978.


K&M, with the dog Tranda, Bone, dog’s footprint on paper, 40” X 30”, 1978.