History of the USSR (from Ideological Abstractionism series), polyptychs of 59 canvases, each referring to one of the 59 years since the revolution of 1917.

Musical performance Passport from Codes performed simultaneously in various cities around the world on day of opening of first exhibition in the West, at Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York, where Fluxus member Charlotte Moorman performs Passport on the cello.

Umberto Eco writes about exhibition, Bevente Breshnev Cola, L'Espresso, March 7, Italy.

Reviews appear in many major newspapers and magazines, for example, Surprises of New York: Russians, Mille, Gorky, Emily Genauer, International Herald Tribune, February 20; The Celebrated Artists of the End of the Second Millennium. A.D., Amy Newman, Art News Magazine, April.

Authorities refuse to allow K&M to attend exhibition; artists petition Supreme Soviet to emigrate.


History of the USSR, 1976, (58 panels 311/2” x 12” each, detail, oil on canvas).
Each panel symbolizes one year; on the slide you will find 5 panels, which symbolize the years 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, and 1966.


K&M with Fluxus member Charlotte Moorman, Music: Passport. Performed at R. Feldman Gallery, New York. Photo by Peggy Kaplan, 1976.