Codes series transforms bureaucratic texts into abstract music and paintings.

Auroistic Language (original language created by the artists), scroll and artist book with audio tape.

Prophet Obadiah, seven black and white photographs polyptych. Now in collection of Zimmerly Museum, Rutgers University, New Jersey.

Super Objects for Super People, a photography portfolio.

Sunday Party, slide performance that is transferred to videotape—first piece of video art in the history of Moscow conceptualism.

At the time of the first joint space mission between the US and the USSR, K&M began their first work collaborating with the American conceptual and video artist Douglas Davis: Where Is the Line Between Us? (1975-78, now in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum, New York--see catalog Counterparts and Affinities, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1982).

History of Russia in Conferences, 6 canvases.

Exhibition in the USSR impossible; friends begin to smuggle K&M's work to the West.