K&M expelled from the Youth Division of the Artists' Union for "distortion of Soviet reality."

Biography of a Contemporary polyptych—the first postmodern work—initiates a multitude of styles, from erotic realism to expressionist and geometric abstraction. Works are widely reproduced in Western press and influence many artists of the 1980’s.
[K&M will later return to “conceptual eclecticism” —see Cut Off Corner series, 1975; Diary series, 1983-1984; Anarchistic Synthesis series, 1985-1986; Mythological Creatures series, 1986-1987; etc.]

Legends cycle of works, texts, documents, and installations depicts two artists “discovered” by K&M: Nikolai Buchumov—a one-eyed landscape painter each of whose canvases depict his own nose on the left edge of the canvas; and Appelles Ziablov—the world’s first abstract expressionist, who lived in the 18th century and was owned by Nikolai Struisky, who, as was discovered in their correspondences by K&M, referred to him as an “artoclast” (mocking “iconoclast”).